Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our Developers and Designers will always make sure to finish the website before its requested deadline. 
  • Haraguro Designs website building process may take 4 – 5 weeks ,
  •  But if you can provide the images and information for the content it wont take 4 -5 weeks.
  • We only offer 2 revises for the whole website layout.
  • Once you agreed the website layout it will be counted as one already, and if ever you change your mind then we still have this free last revise.
  • We also encourage our clients to provide there ideal website layout to avoid revisions.
  • Modifying the website content will not be tag as revise.
  • After the 2 free revise there will be a $ 70  charge per website page

You will be given a login access to the dashboard for you to able do some changes on the website. However, we highly recommend you to take our website maintenance service to avoid any critical issue on the website.

If the website content (images, information, videos) are ready then within a day your website may go live.

We don’t have any ordering system process in our website yet, but we encourage you to reach us to email or phone for us to give you a good offer that suitable to your budget.

Please click this link below, complete information how the process works


The newly created website wont affect to your current existed website, but if you wish to have a similar website or functionality for your new one, We can use that existed website as our guide for the development.

Your website is now visible online, you may now start working your ranking in google to gain more traffic and win more customers.

If you are also earning from your website, or your business is

Haraguro Design is also open for website design quotation, we give offers specially for new starting business.

We also offer Digital Marketing, Graphics and logo design, video editing

Haraguro Design offers in-house or outsource projects

We only offer consultation, but if you wish to have a project manager from Haraguro Design developer’s team, then we will create a separate contract for it.

We are asking for a full payment for your website plan and your files for your website content

We highly recommend to provided a file for website content only to avoid copyright infringement, but if you found difficulties to provide the images then we will offer graphic design for your images

We highly recommend that you will provide images for web content, but if you dont have images yet, then we will offer you the graphic design service

Haraguro Design will provide sample or finish website through email for you to check the different layout and design

We used WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Magento and GrooveFunnels

Both we can build custom website or use templates. However, there will be addon charge for templates especially for template that requires license

Yes our finish website is also mobile responsive. However, some layouts requires extra feature that also require license, in that case we will add some charges base on the exact price of the license for mobile responsive only

Yes, there will be a basic SEO. However, we encourage you to take our Digital Marketing service to maintain your ranking online.

Yes we also support integration of your marketing startegies

  • Starter 1-4 Pages Website
  • Advance 5-10 Pages Website
  • Unlimited Page Website
  • Ecommerce Website Design

Yes, we also offer e-commerce website and aside from that we also have blog, corporate,  and social media.

We can assure you a secure website if you can also provide us a SSL certificate an other security licenses.

Haraguro Design offer maintenance service and 30 minutes free cosultation.

Yes, ofcourse, we are only designing your website but the property will be yours.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was established to make all spaces accessible including websites. Ask your web designer what their accessibility testing process looks like. It’s important to optimize your website to create a smooth user experience for all visitors.

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